One of my favorite things to do around here is without a doubt to take a drive, and within the New England area I don’t think there are many spots better than along Route 100. The open lanes and landscapes are just stunning, and they feature both beauty within the moment but also strike up so many thoughts about the history along the scenic lands.

This slice of a backroad near the tiny town of Warren is the kind of road that is just a pleasure to cruise upon and take in the sights and sounds and fresh mountain air.

A winding Vermont road outside the town of Warren.
A winding backroad on an early autumn morning in Warren Vermont.

Old Workhorse

The machines and equipment that help farmers create a successful harvest of the land deserve all the appreciation in the world. This International 1066 tractor has probably seen at least 50 winters come and looks ready for many more years to come. They are a staple of the New England farm landscape and this one was parked with a stunning barn backdrop atop the green grassland’s before the colder days settle in soon.

An International Tractor parked near a barn in Vermont.
A vintage International tractor parked at a hilltop farm in Vermont.

Sliding in Stowe

I’ve visited a whole bunch of New England’s waterfalls over the past few years for project work, and Stowe is without a doubt one of my favorite regions for exploring. While Moss Glen certainly changes with the seasons there is hardly a bad time for a visit and it was roaring nicely on this summer morning after a healthy dose of rain the night before.

Vibrant summer greens at Moss Glen Falls in Stowe.

Kissed by the Sun

Summertime in New England is filled with wonderful patterns as trees and plants blossom and bloom. One of the most abundant is of course the bountiful cornfields, and they were really shining within Vermont over the past few weeks. These are some rows of corn along Route 100 that are only a matter of days away from harvesting and showcasing the magic of good weather and sunshine within the New England landscape.

Rows of corn basking in morning sunlight on a rural Vermont farm.

Bike Road

I might be biased as a through and through New Englander, but i’d definitely say that Route 100 is among the greatest scenic drives on planet earth. The landscape is alive and vibrant in different ways all through the changing seasons and makes for a refreshing and energizing cruise whether on four wheels or two.

A motorcycle rider cruising along Route 100 in Vermont.
A Harley Davidson cruising through the scenic landscape along Route 100.