We are living within the midst of one of the strangest summers that I have been alive for without question. The past few months have been a time of laying low for safety and the good of everyone else, and as hard as it has been with having much less new work than normal, it has been nice to have the time to look back and reflect on the past few years and I am optimistic that we can reenergize and rebuild upon everything in the months coming up. As a metaphor for the times it’s going to feel like a construction project, and I hope we can built our world to be stronger and better than ever before.

A construction worker cutting a steel beam on the Longfellow Bridge.
An ironworker cutting an i-beam on the Longfellow Bridge as part of the reconstruction project.

Winter Walk

A pedestrian walking along a snow covered path in Boston Common during a winter storm.

Winter in Boston is a love/hate relationship for most folks, but it’s a photogenic happening that I really enjoy. There are so many nuances to the weather when storms arise and different locations really shine at different times, but this little nook within Boston Common is surely one of the good spots.

Pastel Break

An abstract view of a wave breaking along the shoreline of Miacomet Beach.

Nantucket is a magical place for both it’s culture as well as it’s landscape, and I love spending time on the island and photographing the quintessential New England scenery. I came upon this abstract scene on a stormy evening roaming Miacomet Beach, and while accentuating time within the photograph I think it helped render the never-ending motion of the waves careening onto the beautiful sandy shoreline.

Sabbaday Punchbowl

Inside the Sabbaday Falls Punchbowl - Waterville Valley, NH. (Michael J. Clarke)
Inside the Sabbaday Falls Punchbowl – Waterville Valley, NH. (Michael J. Clarke)

Punchbowls are a rare formation for waterfalls and there are only a handful of them across the entire United States. We are lucky to have an awesome example here in New England at the top tier of Sabbaday Falls in the Southern tier of The White Mountains.

Making this picture took a lot of careful planning and execution to capture the falls on a summer afternoon with the right flow of water at the falls. It’s a picture that I am very proud of as it captures the energy and history of the location and makes me think of the thousands of years of water flow that have carved this formation into the sculpted granite rock that serves as the foundation for the beautiful spot.

Crawford Colors

Autumn foliage in Crawford Notch, NH. (Michael J. Clarke)
Autumn foliage in Crawford Notch, NH. (Michael J. Clarke)

The explosion of color that descends upon the New England landscape during the month of October makes for easily one of the most visually magical times of the year. The colors shine especially brightly within the rugged mountain areas of Crawford Notch, and I made this picture on a warm autumn evening when the clear and crisp mountain air allowed the tree colors to glisten like lanterns in the forest.

Square #2 – Point Judith

Point Judith Light on a cold January evening. (Michael J. Clarke)
Point Judith Light on a cold January evening. (Michael J. Clarke)

Despite being the smallest state in the USA, Rhode Island is an awesome one and has plenty of landmarks that are interesting and absolutely worth checking out, and Point Judith is no exception. At the far edge of the picturesque coastal town lies Point Judith Light, and it was shining with glory on this cold and crisp January evening.

Square #1 – Moss Glen

Moss Glen Falls - Granville, VT. (Michael J. Clarke)
Moss Glen Falls – Granville, VT. (Michael J. Clarke)

Situated along the stunningly scenic northbound drive on Route 100 in Granville, VT is Moss Glen Falls which is a pristine gem of the New England landscape. I love checking out the location as the seasons come and go and while the waterfall changes in form and flow it’s a stunning location all throughout the year.

Summer Water

Summertime is really a winning season at New England’s waterfalls, they are alive, green, and feel fresh in so many ways. I feel drawn to them for so many reasons, and I don’t think I will ever lose the captivating feeling of photographing liquid in motion. This one below is Crystal Cascade in New Hampshire’s Pinkham Notch, and it sits within one of the most mountainous areas of the New England landscape. It’s simply a gem.

Summertime trip to New Hampshires White Mountains. (Michael J. Clarke)
Crystal Cascade – Pinkham Notch, NH. (Michael J. Clarke)

Sunset over Jost Van Dyke

Within my photographic adventuring, I photograph a lot of sunsets. They are the time of the day where the world is typically most vibrant, and I particularly love how their intensity grows rather than retracts as it does during sunrise.

Its a time of day that I try to stay keenly aware of, as they are something that take form with changing conditions and when the atmosphere aligns just right, they cast our landscapes in profoundly beautiful lighting conditions. The sunsets in the British Virgin Islands like this scene below rarely disappoint. They are a landscape that is particularly perfect for sunset conditions, as the remote islands and vast oceans add a lot of character to the stunning scenery. Jost Van Dyke, the little island off in the distance within this scene, was nested perfectly within this scene as a vibrant sunset cast its painterly warmth upon the island setting on this Caribbean evening.

A vibrant sunset over Jost Van Dyke seen from Cane Garden Bay on Tortola. (Michael J. Clarke)
A vibrant sunset over Jost Van Dyke seen from Cane Garden Bay on Tortola. (Michael J. Clarke)

Moments of Beauty

Within most of my picture work I try to find beauty within either a moment or within a scene itself, and its often the best when the two concepts fuse together into one image. This was the 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Parade. The picture itself is a mix of scale and perspective on the crowd below, the celebratory moment of the Boston style parade, and the beauty of autumn in New England. I’m always hoping for more of these moments to happen.

2013 Red Sox Championship parade on Tremont Street. (Michael J. Clarke)
2013 Red Sox Championship parade on Tremont Street. (Michael J. Clarke)