Old Red

Barns and farms are just so beautiful in both form and function and they are one of the hallmarks of the New England landscape. Vermont has a whole bunch of them range wildly in age yet almost always have a cool story behind them, they are the essence of a construction that has seen a lot of stuff and made a difference within our local communities as centerpieces of the farmland. This one was shining in all it’s glory in late day sunshine and made for a classic New England scene.

An old red barn nestled in the rural hills of Plainfield.

Kissed by the Sun

Summertime in New England is filled with wonderful patterns as trees and plants blossom and bloom. One of the most abundant is of course the bountiful cornfields, and they were really shining within Vermont over the past few weeks. These are some rows of corn along Route 100 that are only a matter of days away from harvesting and showcasing the magic of good weather and sunshine within the New England landscape.

Rows of corn basking in morning sunlight on a rural Vermont farm.