Bean Leaf

Usually Apple gets credit for the mantra “think different”, but it is certainly a phrase that applies to lots of things within human life. It surely applies to photography and it’s something I often try to inject into the day-to-day creative process of making pictures. One way that I think definitely qualifies as different is looking at the world way more closely than usual within the macro viewpoint, and gardens are one of the very best locations for that.

This picture is so simple to me yet so profound at the same time. The travel distance isn’t even a baseball throw away from home yet there there is so much magic within the natural landscape that we often do not spend enough time admiring and relishing. This super close up scene is a late season green bean leaf glowing in backlight and the fact that it grew from one little seed just a few months ago is nature at its finest.

A macro view of a bean leaf.
Close up of a bean leaf in the garden.

Pastel Curl

This abstract scene has been a print that I love for the past few years and for me it really summarizes the vibe and beauty of Nantucket Island. The gem of a location that rests about a marathon away from the Cape Cod mainland is all about the ocean and on this cold autumn evening the waters were churning away with a beautiful layering of pastel colors within the clouds.

It will always be one of my favorite places to work and this one will be a picture i’ll always think of when wishing I was back out on the island.

Waves rolling into the sandy shores of Nantucket.
The flow of waves curling to shore at Madaket.