Start of 2017

Well 2016 is now officially in the books. It was quite a year, and i’d certainly say it was a busy one both in my own world and the whole world in general. We lost some great rock starts and viewed what will probably go down as the craziest election year that we will witness as a generation and society in general, but heres to hoping that the goodness of humanity continues moving in the right direction and that we stay productive and prosperous all around the world.

I’m not crazy about resolutions since the years find a way to all mesh together in the end, but the turn of the calendar makes for a great time to refresh a bit and find new energy and focus to build upon going forward.

I will be focusing the upcoming year on printed art, with both the creation of new work as well as sharing work from past years that deserves to be printed and placed where photographic artwork is needed.

Busy is a good thing, and the past few years have been a whirlwind of work and travel, but I hope to one day look back upon 2017 and see it as a year where many prints found a new home upon walls and places all around the nation. Cheers and lets together make it a great year ahead.

Spring evening in Boston, MA. (Michael J. Clarke)
Spring evening in Boston, MA. (Michael J. Clarke)