Seascapes and Simplicity

Straight lines can be a challenge to find in nature at times as most things in the outdoor world tend to curve naturally and flow with their own character. However, they exist in abundance and are often-times just a matter of perception. When found and displayed, lines are some of the most powerful features of simplistic landscape photography, and lead our minds towards imaginative wonder and perpetual visual interest in the scene.

The flat line of the horizon is perhaps the most perfect linear form that we recognize in the natural world. It’s easy to see how at one time it influenced people to believe that the world was flat, and even in modern times it leads us to wonder what is just beyond that edge… just beyond what we can make out with out own eyes.

Sunset at New Silver Beach in North Falmouth, MA. (Michael J. Clarke)
Sunset at New Silver Beach in North Falmouth, MA. (Michael J. Clarke)

This perfectly empty sunset seascape at Cape Cod’s New Silver beach was a chance to display the awesome character of the horizon, and it’s forceful separation between the water below and the sky above. I mixed in the element of time to give the picture an even more etherial feel, and to allow the mixing swirl of the water and clouds to blend in the same motions and patterns as we see their eternal motion. This picture and print was simple throughout the entire process, and its simplicity is what makes the scene so powerful.